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The Tailor's

The geness of this fashion house spawned from the heart of a young Ghanaian man. Nurtured with immense creativity, hardwork, passion and the desire to transform the face of fashion through physical enhancement matured into an establishment - Elikem Kumordzie "The Tailor".

Elikem Kumordzie's style divulges a sense of Africa, Contemporariness, Sophistication and Pristine. Merging these into designs gives the wearer their own voice, compelling them not to walk in the path others have created but create their own paths so people will follow.
The brand's tentacles are felt across genders, predominantly male.
We conur that fashion is reciprocal so we make it a point to add the "je ne sais quoi" to every tailored piece.


To tailor affordable luxury in record time


Is to take the world, "stinch by stinch


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